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#art8ambyexclusive – #ClaireFoy wears #BottegaVeneta dress and #VanCleefAndArpels ear clips on the #October2017 #cover of #TownAndCountryMagazine photographed by #MatthewBrookes with styling by #NicolettaSantoro #art8ambycover #art8ambygram #art8ambynews #art8amby .
On playing Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown and the idea of Her Majesty watching the show: “I would hate the idea of her watching it. When you’re playing a real person, you never want to be ghoulish. I don’t want to pick apart a person. I want to invent someone. So I would hate for her to watch it and think I overdramatized anything.” .
On her rise to fame: “I’ve never been a particularly ambitious actor. I was eager to do great things, but I never was like, ‘What I have to do is become massive.’ I just thought, maybe I’ll do a job here and there, and that I’ll be nice and I’ll move on to a different stage of my life.” .
On her experience at the Golden Globes: “The Golden Globes were really weird—absolutely amazing, but strange, because suddenly, without me knowing, while I’ve been busy working, people felt like I belonged in that room. And I’d be like, ‘No, you don’t understand. I haven’t changed, it’s still just me.’ There was definitely a moment after the awards where I needed to be alone in a dark room to try to understand what’s happening. I never got that moment. I got a martini and cracked on.” .
On her upcoming departure from The Crown (the show plans to change its cast every two seasons to depict the royal family at different points in time): “I’m in massive denial. I don’t feel like it’s over. I’m waiting for it to hit me at some point that this stage of my life is finished, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

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